WW2 Dietrich Eckart Krankenhaus Medical Utensil by Wellner


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WW2 Dietrich Eckart Krankenhaus medical utensil by Wellner which has the logo “Dietrich Eckart Krankenhaus” which surrounds a medical staff medusa which is over an eagle and swastika. This silver plated dual handled bowl by Wellner which is marked “AWS” on the bottom along with the hallmark “Silwell” and the volume of 100cl along with a capital “W”. The Dietrich Eckart Krankenhaus (hospital) was built on the personal order of Adolf Hitler in Berchtesgaden as a state of the art hospital for the area. In 1942 it was used primarily as a military hospital. This is a very scarce piece of Nazi history as it is from a location named for one of the early founders of Nazism, Dietrich Eckart who was also imprisoned in Landsberg Prison along with Hitler. A nice seldom seen piece.