Eva Braun Coffee Pot by Art Krupp



Eva Braun Coffee Pot by Art Krupp in Berndorf, Austria. This piece is in silver plate and was a bring back piece by a WW2 Veteran who was in a unit which took part in securing special buildings in Munich at war’s end and help guard some of the locations which included the Fuhrerbau and the home of Eva Braun which was located on Wasserburger Strasse. While guarding these locations certain items were liberated by this group. This coffee pot has the Krupp hallmark on the reverse along with 175 cl, the volume size. It has a very ornate “B” engraved on one side which has been seen on a few high quality pieces owned by her. This is a nice piece with only a couple of storage marks (no plating loss) which may polish out with a quality silver polish. The veteran’s name a division will be furnished to the purchaser.

SELLING PRICE: $2,500.00