Der Deutsche Hof Creamer and Sugar Bowl set
Der Deutsche Hof Creamer and Sugar Bowl set The lidded sugar bowl has a volume of 0,30 on the bottom. The lidded creamer has a volume of 0,15. Both have "Der Deutsche Hof" engraved on the outside body. The maker Gebr.Hepp stamped on the lower rim along with the plating number of 90.There is also a no. "15" stamped on the bottom of the creamer. The sugar bowl has the number "49" stamped inside the lid. The sugar bowl has an integral sugar spoon holder on the edge but the sugar spoon is NOT available. Sugar bowl stands 5 ¼” high and the creamer stands 4 ½” high. Both have the swastika within an oak wreath stamped on the bottom These pieces show little, if any, use and only need a good polishing to bring out their luster. Nice wartime items from Hitler’s favorite hotel in Nuremberg, Germany


SELLING PRICE:   $300.00