RARE Goring-Carinhall heated water hunting insulator

RARE Goring-Carinhall heated water hunting insulator fashioned from soldiered copper to form a container which is approx. thick. The entire piece is shaped into a slight curve to probably fit under the clothes over the chest for warmth during the hunt.  Two hanging loops have been soldiered to the top for ostensibly affixing to a cord to go around the neck for suspending and holding. The measurements are 7 X 12. At the middle top there is a copper screw cap which is threaded for removal and filling with liquid. Next to the cap is  D. R. G. M  Underneath the screw cap in the middle of the device is engraved the Goring master of the hunt logo, antlers with rays and swastika  over two engraved letters in old German Sutterlin scriff. Underneath at the bottom of the piece is engraved Carinhall 33. Most likely a one of a kind item from Carinhall. 


SELLING PRICE:      $2,500.00