Original 8MM M95 Steyr Ammunition in Original Stripper Clips and Boxes. 10 rounds per box in two 5 round clips with 1938 dated head stamp with Nazi eagle. To my knowledge, the only weapon which would use this ammo was the Model 1895 straight pull Steyr. I have both 1938 and 1939 dated boxes and ammunition as well as boxes which do not have the sticker, but have 1938 dated ammo in them. Boxes and ammo  have been stored for many years and are still in great condition. Scarce and seldom seen items. Price per box 19.99 for boxes with ammo/stripper clips and dated stickers Boxes with ammo/stripper clips which do not have the dated stickers are $17.99 per .


$17.99 per unit

Flag From the Berghof with veteran I D which measures approx. 33” X 66” with original bunting and rope. One piece construction of wool and has a couple of small moth nips which do not detract. The flag is identified as to the liberation on the bunting which has in brown (faded blue ink) “From Hitlers House May 1945 Lt R B Cross. Cross was with the 7th Inf. Regt., 3rd Div. which was one of the first units to arrive at the mountain house. I am not sure which location this flag may have flown there, or if was stored there. Nevertheless, a nice piece of history



WW2 German Luftwaffe Officer Sword by SMF, Solingen. Overall length of sword within the scabbard is 34 ¼”. Actual sword length from pommel grip to tip is almost 33 ½”. There is a an electric pen engraving on the opposite side of the blade “F. H. K. Qu” with the number “12” etched under it. Blade which measures right at 1” in diameter at hilt is in extremely good condition and the original scabbard shows normal usage with blue leather undamaged. Integral hanger with original parts and in good condition. Bottom of scabbard tip shows no dings nor dents.


1939 Issue Die Kunst im Dritten Reich-PLUS (The art in the third reich) in oversized soft cover with the symbol of the Haus Der Deutche Kunst on the cover of this August 1939 edition. It contains many photographs of art and statues approved by the Third Reich. PLUS, inside this issue are numerous, separate, period art clippings from art magazines. etc., which are of Third Reich approved art. Nice early book in good condition.


WW2 German Book-Hitler’s Tischgespraeche im Bild (Hitler’s table talk in pictures) which is a 1965 reprint of the original 1941/42 book along with additional photos which cover the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin. This is an oversized soft cover with over 200 pages of b/w photos and narrative in the German language.$35.00
WW2 German SA Dagger by Karl Rob. Kaldenback, Solingen GR. Early blade by a scarce maker. Alles Fur Deutschland on reverse blade. Tip of blade shows signs of an early repair (?) My guess only. Shiny lacquered scabbard, bottom ball shows a small split from wearing. Nickel silver fittings with original SA logo and eagle insert still affixed in light colored what appears to be pear wood handles. Crossguard has stamped group mark “P”. Very nice early dagger. There are no chips or plating losses on any of the pieces


Framed pieces of wall covering and curtain tie-back from the Fuhrerbau in Munich. The piece of wall covering comes from the wall in the room in the Fuhrerbau in which Chamberlin and Hitler signed the Munich Accord. The piece of curtain tie-back came from a bedroom used by Hitler. These pieces come with a signed typed letter from the individual who served in WW2 and personally acquired both pieces on a visit to the Fuhrerbau. The letter, both pieces of wall covering and fabric along with the signed and 1970 dated letter by the soldier come in a nice wooden framed display.


WW2 45th Infantry Division liberated kreisleiter presentation book-“Die Bauten der NSDAP in der Haupstadt der Bewegung“(The buildings of the NSDAP in the main city of the movement) which has an uncompleted Kreisleiter presentation page. In its 71 pages this rare book, features in b/w photos and narrative in the German language, the main party buildings located in Munich, the Brown Haus, the Ehren Tempel, the Fuhrerbau and many other important Nazi party buildings. It is in hard cover with the party eagle in gold gilt on the front along with a gilt rimming on the edge. It shows some wear and tear and age through the years but is yet still solid. Although this is a very important and rare presentation book of the Nazi party, its importance is that it was “liberated” by members of the 1st Platoon, 179th Inf. Regt., 45th Infantry Division from the Fuhrerbau and contains 32 names and signatures along with some addresses of members of that unit which liberated the book on May 9, 1945 as noted in the front of the book above the signatures of the “liberators”.
1938 Nurnberg Rally Envelope with 11.9.38 Reichsparteitag der NSDAP cancellation over AH stamp posted to a Fraulein Palati at the Brown House in Munich (Frln. Palati Braunes Haus Munchen). Cancellation is clear and distinct and has the name of the SS member who was in the SS standarte, “Deutschland” on the reverse. Envelope in unsealed and probably was officially party/rally cancelled and brought back and hand delivered to the fraulein as a gift/memento from the rally. In very good condition.$50.00
Early SA Book-Hitler, Wie ihn keiner kennt (Hitler, as no one knows him) a Heinrich Hoffman pictorial with 100 sepia toned photos of the period along with descriptive narrative in the German language. No publication date, but early to mid 30s is my guess..
WW2 German Book-Der Mythus Des XX Jahrhunderts-1943 edition by Alfred Rosenberg in hardcover and containing 712 pages in the GERMAN language. In used but in overall good condition.  $75.00
Nazi High Party Tapestry which measures 38 X 36” constructed of multi-piece construction with wool front and gold woven threads on two sides along with same type of threads in center rimming the swastika as well as the outline in the swastika. Both sides of the gold threads on the outside shows damage, one side more than the other. There are also a couple of mop nips on the red wool. Top and bottom have the sewn over flap for hanging. Backing is a ribbed type of wool. Shows use, but overall a great high party piece which will display well. $2,600.00
Brass Carinhall Tobacco Box with deer antler motif with swastika in center flanked by D J along with CARINHALL engraved in the removal top which measures 3 ½“ in diameter with a depth of 2 ¾“. No maker is present which would indicate a cottage made gift/purchase for use at Carinhall.
SA Sports Medal Urkunde complete with original matching protective sleeve. SA Sportabzeichen in Bronze named and numbered to an individual and dated 1938. In almost mint condition.


Cased War Merit Cross w/Swords in original presentation box. Nice frosted metal piece.


Cased Iron Cross 1st Class L11 LDO marked on reverse. Nice scarce and getting scarcer cased Iron Cross


German Hitler Youth buckle in frosted finish rather than shiny style. In very good condition.
German RAD Aluminum pebbled buckle in very good condition.
German Hitler Youth Steel buckle marked RZM M4/24 on reverse. Nice buckle with no damage. Very clean and shiny buckle.


German Police Aluminum pebbled buckle in very good condition.


Political Leader Gold toned buckle RZM marked M4/27 on reverse. All details are sharp and crisp. Nice choice buckle.
Dress German Navy Buckle  with what appears to be a hallmark of eLj on reverse. In very good condition. $125.00
Dress Silver Aluminum German Army buckle in very nice condition. Oak leaves show virtually no wear.


German Army Aluminum buckle dated 1941 with almost 100% of green paint still remaining. A hard to upgrade condition buckle.


Early SA buckle with hackenkreuz style swastika. Gold toned and shows some usage and wear, yet still a most desirable piece.
German Luftwaffe Aluminum buckle with leather tab. Buckle is is R. S. & S hallmarked.


German Army Aluminum pebbled buckle with leather tab. No paint remaining but still a nice buckle. $85.00
3rd Reich Book-Aufbau einer Nation by Hermann Goring dated 1934 taken from the National Workers Party Office in Stuttgart. Nice book with Goring photo and facsimile signature on front page.


3rd Reich Book-Der Mythus Des XX Jahrhunderts dated 1943 by Alfred Rsosenberg in hard cover. In good condition.


3rd Reich Book-Rechtspflege und Verwaltung dated 1941 in soft cover with original library type dust jacket by Dr. Carl Johanny and Dr. Oskar Redelberger. This is volume 2 which deals with Volk, Partei, Reich. In good condition.


WW2 German Army Belt Buckle which shows some paint loss at upper left. Maker is “R. S. & S”.
German Forestry Colonel  Outfit which consists of the tunic, breeches, and hat. The hat has the high peak with immaculate silver/green dotted chin cord, silver bullion wreath and cockake. Maker on head shield is named to Fritz Muller in Zweibrucken, Germany. Green leather sweatband is in very good condition. Top of hat has one small moth nip, otherwise an extremely nice hat. Tunic is lined in gray silk and has a silver piped velour color with green tressed shoulder boards with single acorn on each. Collar tabs are silver piped with bullion insignia on green wool for Lt. Col. Buttons are standard black. Breeches are the riding style with two rear adjusters, button front fly, slant pockets  and one button down watch pocket. Lining in upper rear at waist shows wear and separation, but breeches are in otherwise great shape with no mothing. Bottom of legs have the lace up eyelets which are still present, but have lacing. This is an extremely nice and scarce grouping.


WW2 German Police Belt Buckle in painted aluminum. Unmarked on reverse. In very good condition.
WW2 German State Service Flag which flew over the Fuhrerbau and Braun Haus in Munich. This 105 inch X 180 inch flag is in very good condition for its age with only a slight hole and one spot of soiling. Large state service eagle in the left corner with huge circular swastika in the center.  Still has original unmarked halyard, with one of end of the rope frazzled. Great historical piece brought back by a member of the 45th Infantry Division.
German Unsewn Armband in 3 piece construction with RZM tag on inside  reverse. Ends have never been sewn together. Nice early NSDAP armband. $125.00
German Armband in 3 piece construction with unit ink on portion of the swastika. Shows some soiling but in overall good condition. $125.00
German SS Greatcoat Armband in 3 piece construction on wool. Narrower style as seen on greatcoats with black edge. Shows some soiling and use but in good condition. $150.00
German Armband in 3 piece construction without RZM stamp on inside reverse of band. In very good condition. $135.00
German Armband in 3 piece construction, Does not have RZM tag attached. Nice early piece. $125.00
German Late Armband in printed style with soiling and use, but no tears or rips. $60.00
SA Shoulder Board Lot-(4) one with yellow piping, one with black piping, one with orange piping and one with gray piping. All have been cut. Also all still have RZM tags attached to the backs. Nice lot of party boards. $160.00
SA Collar Tab-Unit Marked-24/143 lettering in white  on dark blue background. RZM tag still affixed to reverse. In almost mint condition. $100.00
Porcelain Gravy Boat from the Berghof in two separate pieces.  Gravy boat measures 9" in length from pouring spout to handle. The tray it sits on measures 10" X 5 ¼". There is a long crack on the left side of the boat near the handle with a chipped place on the rim. Both the gravy boat and matching tray are unmarked as to maker. Brought back by a veteran who was at the Berghof at the end of the war. $450.00
The Propaganda of Adolf Hitler authored by his ministers of the Third Reich in oversized soft cover containing 136 pages of propaganda of the Third Reich along with many period photos. 1973 printing in English translated from the original German printing. In used condition. Scarce Third Reich publication.