Vintage Framed Photo of Women Inscribed to Adolf Hitler 8 X 10 color tinted photograph inscribed to “Adolf Hitler from one of your less secret adrmirers” and signed “Betty Dnyinlpa (?). Frame is of early period and has an early ornate hanger atop. Photo has been previously in a photo album as it has remnants of black paper on reverse,. I have no knowledge of who this woman may have been. I acquired this is a box of war auction items.


Two Unused Hitler bookplates which have been pasted onto cardstock. The typed statement attributes these to have come from Hans Frank, Nazi former Governor General of Poland. Short story gives veteran who acquired these. Reverse of cardstock has sticker of Parke-Bernet Galleries  in New York.) $200.00
D-Day Panoramic Photo with patches of the U. S. units which landed in France on D-Day. Panoramic photo (reprint from negatives) shows three scenes, view from landing craft prior to landing on Omaha Beach, troopers on the beach, and allied troopers displaying a captured German flag. Flanking the photo are patches from the 29th Div., 4th Div., 2nd Ranger BN, and the 1st Div. All of these are framed in a modern wooden frame. Nice grouping for display with your WW2/D-Day items. $150.00
Candid Photograph of Adolf Hitler in postcard size which shows him in his early brown shirt attire talking with a RAD man. In the background you can see a crowd of people along with a camera which is recording the event. In very good condition. $100.00
Early Nazi Listing of Fallen Fighters which list the names of fallen comrades in the Nazi cause who fell in February of 1932 and 1933. Neatly printed onto a 7 inch X 10 ˝ inch sheet of aged paper with eagle holding Nazi flags. It describes those fallen as born as Germans, lived as battlers, fallen as heroes and held up as a people  as soldiers of a revolution. Nice early original Nazi printing suitable for framing.
Collectors Guide to Liberated AH Memorabilia-NEW and REVISED and combined into one volume in softcover. This is a new publication just released by author, Mark Griffith, MD. It contains both long out of print previous volumes (which now sell for upwards of $200 each when located) and includes new "liberated" items belonging to Eva Braun and Herman Goring. $39.99 which includes FREE SHIPPING within the 50 states.



Postcard to Hitler Retrieved From the Berghof by a WW2 vet. This postcard is from a relative or admirer as the greeting is to: "Lieber Onkel Adolph (Dear Uncle Adolf) and is handwritten in German. No postage or signature as this was probably the first card  and was mailed in a packet along with others which continued the message. The observe is a pastoral town and mountain view location which is noted at the left bottom of the card. In very good condition.